December 2016/2017 Capital City Rec Hockey League

Mon 19th, (Game #14)
@ 8:30pm, Rexall Place arena Rangers vs. Garbage Goals ()  

Tue 6th, (Game #13) 1 Assist
@ 10:45pm, Knights of Columbus arena Rangers vs. Admirals (L 4-3) I got my assist late in the third period as I got the puck from the corner and sent it to the net and it was a scramble in front before Javan M put it in. The game was fairly even with not a lot of scoring chances for both teams. The difference was they scored twice on the power play including once when I took my first penalty of the year. We took five penalties in total. We did mount a late come back with a couple minutes left in the game. We out shot them 19 to 18. Ryan S 1G & 1A. Javan M 1G & 1A. Cameron B 1G. Bruce C 1A. Brendan M 1A.   

December 2016 Training

Sun 4th, Spin @ home for 1 hour (Zone 1/2 + 7 Spin ups) Average heart rate =145 Max =182, Avg Rpm =88, Km's 25

Sat 3rd, Spin @ home for 1 hour (Zone 1/2 + 7 minutes isolated leg) Average heart rate =140 Max =155, Avg Rpm =84, Km's 24

November 2016/2017 Capital City Rec Hockey League

Wed 30th, (Game #12) 1 Assist
@ 10:30pm, Glengarry arena Rangers vs. Knights (L 5-4) On my assist I just dumped the puck into their zone and their defence men missed it and James S came in to scoop the puck up and made a nice move around their second defence men to score. I made some really nice passes, and I also had a couple get picked off. I feel as if they did out play us tonight. In my opinion I think we tried our best and for just a small stretch we stopped skating hard and they took advantage. They out shot us 38 to 20. James S 1G. Michael C 2G & 1A. Howard C 1G & 2A. Robin M 2A.     

Wed 23rd, (Game #11) 1 Assist
@ 10:30pm, Coronation arena Rangers vs. Southside Samurai (L 6-1) On my assist I stole the puck just outside their blue line and skated in and passed it over to Ryan S and his shot went wide and hit the glass behind the net and took a funny bounce right back to him and it was a tap in goal. The first ten minutes they really out played us as we did not even register a shot on net. The final couple minutes of the first period we slowly started to skate faster and get a couple shots on net. The next two periods they were just a little bit faster of a team and deserved to win the game. Our goalie Ryan L was the reason why the score didn't get crazy as we were out shot 37 to 33. Ryan S 1G.

Fri 18th, (Game #10) 1 Goal
@ 8:30pm, Garrison Army Base arena Rangers vs. Voodoo (W 5-4) On my goal I was on the goal line beside the net and beat their defence men to the loose puck and my shot hit their goalies stick and banked in. We got out played in the early part of the first period. Then we scored three straight goals. They ended up coming all the way back and took the lead late in the third period. We came back and tied it up. We won in the shoot out. Our goalie Ryan L held us in the game as they out shot us 34 to 18. Robin M 1G & 1A. Bruce C 1G & 1A. Howard C 1G. Alex H 2A. Michael C 2A. Ryan S 1A.  

Mon 14th, (Game #9) 1 Goal & 2 Assists
@ 10:30pm, Clareview arena Rangers vs. Hellbilly Rebels (W 4-3) On my goal I got a perfect pass from Ryan S and I had some room to come closer to their goalie and I snapped a shot off the post and in. My fist assist I kept the puck in at the point and I shot it where Javan M battled hard to get the rebound and score. My second assist I turned the puck over just inside their blue line and I passed it to Ryan S and he fed it over to Javan M who got his hat trick. They had some really good defence men that could rush up the ice end to end and our defence did a great job in preventing them from getting too good a scoring chance. Our goalie Blake M was really solid tonight with great re bound control. We out shot them 39 to 24. Javan M 3G & 1A. Ryan S 3A.    

Tues 8th, (Game #8) 2 Goals & 2 Assists
@ 10:30pm, Coronation arena Rangers vs. Fury (W 6-1) On my first goal I was standing in front of the net like Ryan Smyth and tipped it in off a perfect shot from Robin M. My second goal I got a rebound right in front of the net. My first assist on the PP I passed it back to Dallas H and he scored from the blue line top corner. My second on the PP same shift I passed it right out in front to Michael C and he had a nice shot. Tonight our passing was crisp and clean as we passed to get out of our own zone and then passed really well in their zone to keep sustained pressure on. We out shot them 40 to 28. Ryan S 1G. Patrick G 1G. Dallas H 1G & 1A. Michael C 1G & 2A. Robin M 2A. James S 1A. Andy R 1A. Bruce C 1A.       

Tues 1st, (Game #7) 1 Goal
@ 10:15pm, George S Hughes South Side arena Rangers vs. Garbage Goals (L 5-3) I scored in the third period with ten seconds left off a good pass from Michael C and I had a really nice quick snap shot. The game shifted momentum back and fourth. Both Goalies made a lot of great saves. The turning point was with a few seconds left in the second period they scored on the power play to go up 3-2. They out shot us 37 to 32. Andy R 1G & 1A. Ryan S 1G. Cameron B 1A. Javan M 1A. Robin M 1A. Michael C 1A.       

November 2016 Training

Tue 29th, Spin @ home for 1 hour (Zone 1/2) Average heart rate =132 Max =149, Avg Rpm =88, Km's 25

Sun 27th, Went to gym @ the Meadows for 45 minutes did legs, core, arms. Road the bike for 1hour 15minutes, Km's 33 

Sat 26th, Went to gym @ the Meadows for 45 minutes did legs, core, arms. Road the bike for 1hour, Km's 27 

Sun 13th, Road ride @ Ellerslie Road for 1hr 15mins (Zone 3) Average heart rate =146 Max =177, Elevation gain 377 feet. Km's 30

Sun 6th, Went to gym @ the Meadows for 45 minutes did legs, core, arms. Road the bike for 1hour, Km's 27 

Sat 5th, Went to gym @ the Meadows for 45 minutes did legs, core, arms. Road the bike for 1hour 30minutes, Km's 40 

October 2016/2017 Capital City Rec Hockey League

Wed 26th, (Game #6)
@ 9:45pm, Donnan arena Rangers vs. Admirals (L 6-2) I blocked two shots sliding head first (what was I thinking). I got them to turn the puck over a couple times as I was for checking hard deep in their own zone. I had a few times that I could not clear the puck out of our zone. I did score as their goalie's glove was in the net to make the save. We got out played tonight. They had great break outs of their zone by either skating it out or passing it out. They also did a good job of supporting the puck in our zone and it was hard for us to clear it out. Ryan L was fantastic in net and held the score respectable because we got out shot 48 to 16. Cameron B 2G. Andy R 1A. Michael C 1A.

Wed 19th, (Game #5) 2 Assists
@ 10:30pm, Kinsmen arena Rangers vs. Knights (W 5-4) On my first assist I skated with the puck over their blue line and passed it through a couple legs and Ryan S made a really nice deke to score. My second assist I just bumped the puck to Rob H and he had a really nice goal. On the very first shift of the game we scored twice. We continued to attack and were on loose pucks first and found ourselves up 4-1 after the first period. The second period we did not play well and they slowly came back and eventually drew even in the third period. It was a good game. They out shot us 39 to 23 as our goalie Ryan L played great. Ryan S 3G & 1A. Rob H 2G & 1A. Howard C 1A. James S 1A. Cameron B 1A. Evan R 1A.  

Sat 15th, (Game #4)
@ 9:30pm, Millwoods Rec Centre arena Rangers vs. Southside Samurai (L 3-2 S/O) With under a minute into the game we found ourselves down by one goal. They scored again and we were trailing 2-0. We slowly started to claw back. We got back to even and forced three on three overtime where no one scored. In the shoot out I had the final shot to extend it and I went high glove and their goalie got the cheater on the glove to save it. They out shot us 35 to 33. Our goalie Blake M played really well. Ryan S 2G. Andy R 2A. James S 1A. 

Sat 1st, (Game #3) 1 Goal
@ 9:30pm, Millwoods Rec Centre arena Rangers vs. Voodoo (W 4-2) On my goal James S cycled the puck to Ryan S and he passed it to me and I found the puck on my stick just in front of the crease for a back hand tap into the open net. I felt that both teams were evenly matched. They were really good at getting chances of the rush and they had really good passing. Our goalie Ryan L played a strong game. James S & Ryan S parents and grandpa came out to watch the game, it was great to see them. They out shot us 39 to 27. Ryan S 1G & 1A. Michael C 1G & 1A. Dallas H 1G. Cameron B 2A. James S 2A. Eric L 1A.

Ryan, James and I playing on a line. Pic by their mom.

October 2016 Training

Sun 23rd, Went to gym @ the Meadows for 45 minutes did core & legs. Road the bike for 45 minutes, Kms 21  

Sat 22nd, Went to gym @ the Meadows for 45 minutes did core & legs. Road the bike for 45 minutes, Kms 21

Sun 16th, Went to gym @ the Meadows for 45 minutes did core & legs. Road the bike for 45 minutes, Kms 20

Wed 5th, Went to gym @ the Meadows for 45 minutes did core & legs. Road the bike for 45 minutes, Kms 20

Mon 3rd, MTB ride to Millwoods Ravine for 1hr (Zone's 1-3) Average heart rate =133 Max =171, Elevation gain 449 feet. Km's 15

September 2016/2017 Capital City Rec Hockey League

Mon 26th, (Game #2) 1 Goal
@ 10:30pm, Knights of Columbus arena Rangers vs. Hellbilly Rebels (L 4-3 S/O) On my goal I got a rebound off a slap shot from Cameron B and I had one hand on my stick in the crease and directed it in the open net. This game was back and fourth. We had a lot of odd man rushes and could not capitalize. They had one defence men in blue socks and he made a big difference for them. No one scored in the three on three overtime. We lost in the shoot out. They out shot us 43 to 39. Cameron B 1G & 1A. Ryan S 1G. Michael C 2A. James S 1A. Javan M 1A. Alex H 1A.

Wed 21st, (Game #1)
@ 6:30pm, Donnan arena Rangers vs. Titans HC (L 4-3 S/O) On July 26th I suffered a grade two AC Joint sprain on my right shoulder from a crash on day four of Singletrack 6 MTB XC stage race. The past weekend I was on my road bike for the first time since. Tonight there was some minor pain because I am also doing physical therapy to strengthen the shoulder. I hit the cross bar. I had a couple nice passes to my team mates. I played the wing tonight. My legs and lungs felt good, it was my hands that were a bit behind. We out played them tonight. We took way to many penalties and it cost us because they forced three on three overtime where no one scored. In the shoot out it was a goal tending dual where we went through our full team until they scored to win it. I didn't even get a shot on my attempt because I lost the puck. The shots were even 27 to 27. Michael C 1G. Howard C 1G. James S 1G & 1A. Andy R 1A. Robin M 1A.

September 2016 Training

Sat 17th, Road ride @ Colchester Hall with mom for 1hr 47mins (Zone 1/2) Elevation gain 446 feet. Km's 44

Sun 11th, Went to gym @ the Meadows for 45 minutes did core & legs. Road the bike for 45 minutes, Kms 19

2016 Mountain Bike XC Stage Race & MTB XC Marathon & MTB XC Racing Season Recap

This was my seventh season of mountain bike racing, and third with coach Heather K.

I organised Race the Ridge as the primary point of contact along side with Cory D, my mom doing the lap counting and all our great volunteers. There is a great deal of planning to do before the race including lots of forms to fill out including: tec guide, emergency response plan, race sanction, commercial event application, Land use form, insurance certificate. It was also a big week to get some details done before the race and on race day it was an 11 hour day to get the course set up, volunteers ready to go and prepare the race as to the regulations set out by Alberta Bicycle Association. This was my first time ever doing this. I had a blast doing it because of three major reasons: 1- Seeing the youth have a MTB XCO event in Edmonton and my friends racing in the afternoon. 2- Promotes a healthy way of living. 3- brings United Cycle into the community and gathers fellow racers alike all together.

This year I took up a role on the Executive with United Cycle Cycling Club as the Mountain Bike Coordinator and that included meetings with the other members on the executive and every Wednesday evening I was the MTB group ride leader. I really enjoy doing this role.

I volunteered for 1 ABA Cyclo Cross race put on by my club United Cycle and I also came the night before to help set up the course.

August 2016 Training

Thu 4th, Swimming (legs only) @ Summerland, BC in Lake Okanagan for 30 minutes & road the bike at the gym for 1 hour, Km's 28

Wed 3rd, Swimming (legs only) @ Summerland, BC in Lake Okanagan for 30 minutes & road the bike at the gym for 1 hour, Km's 29

Mon 1st, Swimming (legs only) @ Summerland, BC in Lake Okanagan for 30 minutes & road the bike at the gym for 1 hour, Km's 27